Galería Canalejas

1. Felipao, Meninas


May, 10, 2022

The Galería Canalejas Food Hall will form part of the XIII Gastrofestival from 16 to 29 May. This event is organised by Madrid Destino and the Tourism Department of Madrid City Council to combine culinary and cultural experiences.

This latest milestone for the venue will be further enhanced by the artist, Felipao, whose works can be found in several important private collections, such as those owned by Juan Antonio Pérez Simón, Koplowitz, César Gaviria and Scarpetta, among others. The international recognition earned by some of his exquisite pieces, such as his famous Menina sculptures, has further raised the global prestige of this amazing artist.

Discover his work up close and personal during your visit to the Galería Canalejas Food Hall, where the artist will have several pieces on display in various parts of the space throughout the Gastrofestival.

Besides the more conventional and visual art on show, visitors will also be able to enjoy culinary artworks from six of the restaurants at Galería Canalejas.

1. Felipao, Speedy

The quintessential Italian restaurant at the Food Hall, Davvero,will take part in the festival with its Agnello alle Mandorle: a slow-cooked rack of lamb with a thin crust of toasted almonds and saffron sauce, a typical dish from its home region, Abruzzo. A genuine work of art!

St. James has opted for permanent exhibition initiatives by four artists: Antonio Castello Avilleira, Pablo Ochoa, Mariana Álvarez Enrique and Martin Simón. Diners will be able to contemplate these pieces while enjoying the famous rice dishes at the restaurant and its premium cocktails.

Have you ever wondered how to write your name in Chinese? Head over to Le Petit Dim Sum to meet a Chinese calligraphist who will be offering live demonstrations with his brush during the festival.

We also recommend MAD Gourmets to try their sensational wine-related tapas while enjoying an exhibition by the artist Mercedes Elizalde Solís.

1. Davvero

You definitely shouldn’t miss out on the Pack Découverte prepared by Ostras Sorlut to celebrate the Gastrofestival, which includes: Ostra Fine de Claire Bio Nº3, Ostra Fine de Claire Label Rouge Nº2, Ostra Spéciale Sorlut Nº2 and a glass of wine.

Can you guess which works of art come from Spanish gastronomy? You will find some clues to the answer during a visit to DBellota: Cinco Jotas hams, cold cuts, mature cheeses, delicious croquettes and the authentic beef shank fritters.

Explore the world of art at the Galería Canalejas Food Hall from 16 to 29 May. A once-in-a-lifetime chance to enjoy art with all your senses.


1. Felipao, Menina 2. Le Petit Dim Sum 3. Le Petit Dim Sum 4. Davvero 5. Felipao, Meninas 6. MAD Gourmets 7. Felipao, Meninas 8. St. James 9. Felipão, Menina 10.DBellota