Galería Canalejas

Alicia Framis exhibition: contemporary art shines at Galería Canalejas

9 April 2024

Discover the impressive interactive artwork: "Leave here your fears" a temporary installation by the Spanish artist that acts as an invitation to free ourselves from our fears in a unique space for reflection and connection. Available from April 9th to July 29th.

This spectacular three-meter-high sculptural piece in the shape of a pyramidal diamond
made of mirrors offers an interactive experience: anyone willing to leave behind their fears
and insecurities can write them on small anonymous notes and symbolically get rid of
them by placing them inside this sculpture. A way of reconnecting with the world by
materializing toxic thoughts and releasing them.


Under the name "Leave here your fears", this imposing art installation is a poetic reflection that developed during the pandemic, a time of great uncertainty for society that Alicia Framis wanted to reflect in this project. In her own words, “The idea was a result of my experience observing how the complex and turbulent times we live in emotionally impact us. It represents a valve for emotional release and management”.

The interaction between art and the public comes to life in this artwork, where each visit is an opportunity for contemplation, liberation, and reconnecting with the environment. "Galería Canalejas is a place for encounter, artistic expression and human connection. This installation invites interaction between art and the public thar encourages reflection"; declares the artist.

LEAVE HERE YOUR FEARS Alicia Framis, 2022. Mirror diamond (stainless steel) 3mx2,5m

Placing this piece of art in the heart of Galería Canalejas underlines our commitment to contemporary art and the desire to bring meaningful artistic experiences to the public. The environment where art is displayed significantly influences its perception by the audience, which is why we want to offer this space as a place to coexist with art outside its usual context, reminding us that it can be part of our daily lives and be found in unexpected places.

Release your fears and place them inside this sculpture.

About Alicia Framis

Spanish contemporary artist (Mataró, 1967) based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Her work focuses on platforms for creative social interaction and has engaged in interdisciplinary collaborations with artists from multiple fields. Trained with artists such as Daniel Bure and Dan Graham, her work is inscribed in relational aesthetics, performance, and social practice art. The artist´s work is closely linked to fashion design, and the belief that people can achieve a more satisfying future is a key component of her work manifested through projects like "Wishing Wall" (1998-2001), a piece that collected wishes in places like the Netherlands, Italy, Switzerland, and Germany.

Another significant work is "Letters to
(2012), a stainless-steel sphere serving as a mailbox to send letters to deceased loved ones. This piece plays with the double meaning of the word "heaven" in Spanish, offering an interactive experience where visitors can express wishes and emotions towards those who are no longer physically present. The artist represented the Netherlands at the
50th Venice Biennale (2003).

Alicia Framis


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"Leave here your fears" can be admired and experienced for four months, from April 9th to
July 29th
. An opportunity to discover Alicia Framis´s work firsthand.