Galería Canalejas

Centro Canalejas Car Park

Visit Galería Canalejas from a spacious four-level car park with a total of 330 parking spaces for the perfect time.


+ 34 648066341 (24H)

Opening hours

Monday to sunday: 24h


Entrance at Calle Alcalá, 17 and Calle Alcalá, 20.
Direct access to Galería Canalejas, the Galería Canalejas Food Hall and the Four Seasons Madrid hotel.
Pedestrian access at Carrera de San Jeronimo 7, C/ Alcalá 10-12 and C/ Sevilla 3.

How to get here

Getting to kilometre zero of Madrid by car to go shopping or to eat at the Food Hall of Galería Canalejas has never been so convenient.

Galería Canalejas and its Food Hall have a car park in the heart of the capital, open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, which provides all the peace of mind and comfort you are looking for when you go to Madrid Central.

Until December 31st 2024, every time you decide to enjoy a unique gastronomic experience in the Food Hall restaurants, or a day of shopping, you will enjoy 2 hours of free parking at Centro Canalejas Car Park from Monday to Sunday, just for being a customer.

Enjoy this service through the entrance of C/ Alcalá 17 or C/ Alcalá 20 with direct access to Galería Canalejas, Food Hall Galería Canalejas and Four Seasons Madrid hotel. Pedestrian access at Carrera de San Jerónimo 7, C/ Alcalá 10-12 and C/ Sevilla 3.

You can decide whether to enjoy this discount on the day of your purchase or on your next visit before the end of the promotion. Promotion valid from Monday to Sunday until December 31st, 2024.

The discount tickets are for one-time use only and are not cumulative.

The value of the first 2 hours will be deducted from your parking ticket.

To be informed about exclusive services like this, subscribe to the Galeria Canalejas newsletter through the website.

In case you receive a proposal of sanction for irregular entry in ZBEDEP Distrito Centro zone having used the parking service, please send us via email (, a copy of the sanction and proof of payment, ticket or any document that you consider that accredits your stay with us. We will certify your entry into the parking lot and issue a parking certificate so that you can argue against the proposed penalty.

On your way to the boutiques and food hall at Galería Canalejas, you can enjoy several features that reveal a little of the history behind these buildings and the construction of Centro Canalejas Madrid. The perimeter fence that comes into view as you descend into the car park is one of them. This is the fence that once surrounded the buildings while construction work was in process. This fence is made from steel, a premium material of great ornamental value, and was created ad-hoc by the designer Mariano Redondo to perfectly integrate this feature into the urban landscape.

On levels -2, -3 and -4, you can also see the restored capitels of the former Banco Hispano Americano of 1940 and two of the pile caps designed for the construction of Centro Canalejas Madrid, highlighting the complexity of the work that now forms part of the history of these buildings.


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