Galería Canalejas

Galería Canalejas Café

In the vibrant heart of Madrid, Galería Canalejas celebrates its anniversary with the grand opening of Galería Canalejas Café, offering a dining experience that captures the essence of Madrid tradition.


+34 91 751 77 31

Opening hours

Monday to saturday: 10:30-20:30
Sundays: 12:00-20:00


Plaza Canalejas, 1

How to get here

Car access via C/Alcalá 17 and Alcalá 20.
Direct access at Galería Canalejas, Galería Canalejas Food Hall and Four Season Hotel Madrid.
Pedestrian access at Carrera de San Jerónimo 7, C/Alcalá 8 and C/ Sevilla 3.

Enjoy 2h of free parking in Parking Centro Canalejas from Monday to Sunday until May 1st, for any food and drink in the Food Hall.

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From breakfast, to early dinner, to afternoon tea, any time is a good time to enjoy the delights that this new space has to offer.

Galería Canalejas Café opens its doors in the central atrium of the Galería Canalejas, offering an experience that transcends the mere tasting of dishes to become a true journey through the history and flavour of Madrid, where past and present intertwine. With architecture that evokes the iconic Madrid kiosks of the 19th and 20th centuries, such as the Quiosco de la Música on Paseo de Pintor Rosales, and a menu that fuses traditional cuisine with contemporary touches, including dishes such as Macaron de carbonara de perdiz al PX and Dúo de anchoa y Anguila, as well as innovative desserts by the renowned pastry chef Alejandro Montes.

Galería Canalejas Café also stands out for its exquisite selection of signature desserts and chocolates, with the Bombón Canalejas and the Petit Four La Violeta as the stars of the menu, both paying homage to Madrid's chocolate traditions and accompanied by modern versions of traditional churros and porras. In addition, its cocktail bar is inspired by Madrid's fashion and culture, featuring original creations such as the Blazer cocktail and the Castizo cocktail, which offer unique flavours to complement the culinary experience.

Sustainability and Quality: The Alliance with Supracafé

Galería Canalejas' commitment to sustainability also extends to every cup of coffee served at Galería Canalejas Café, thanks to the partnership with Supracafé.

This coffee is not only a high quality beverage, but also a benchmark of organic and fair trade coffee, grown by the Cauca Women's Coffee Growers Association in Colombia, which Galeria Canalejas is proud to serve as a way to support responsible practices and producing communities.


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