Galería Canalejas

San Isidro Festivities 2023 in Galería Canalejas

May, 12, 2023

The San Isidro Festivities in Madrid, organised in honour of the city's patron saint, are one of the most eagerly awaited events of the year. These are days in which the city is flooded with traditional activities combined with a lively musical programme and numerous shows, especially in the areas of the Plaza Mayor, the Pradera de San Isidro, the Matadero de Madrid, Las Visitilla and the Retiro Park. This year they will take place between 12 and 15 May.

An ideal opportunity to enjoy the most traditional essence of the capital and one of the hallmarks that best characterises the people of Madrid, their hospitality. During these days, it is common for the people of Madrid to come to La Pradera and spend the day amidst the music, dances and typical food of this festival. Many of them dress up in the typical chulapo costume.

But why is San Isidro celebrated in Madrid? In this article we tell you the origin of this festivity and everything that Galería Canalejas has prepared for you to enjoy a different plan in San Isidro 2023.

History of San Isidro

San Isidro was born in the year 1080 in a humble house located in what is now Calle de Aguas. He began to work as a farmer and as a digger. It is said that he performed 438 miracles, such as making water flow from his rod with a stroke or distributing food to the most disadvantaged. Because of this, he was beatified in the 17th century by Pope Paul V, establishing the commemoration on 15 May, which was the day on which his body was transferred to the church of San Andrés.

The celebration of the Feast of Saint Isidore in Madrid is closely related to one of his miracles. The saint would make water spring up in the Pradera de San Isidro, giving rise to a spring where it is now customary for the chulapos and chulapas to drink. And it is precisely for this reason that the pilgrimage is held in this place.

However, the fiesta as we know it would not begin to be celebrated until the 19th century. The locals used to dress up in the typical costume to go to La Pradera. The current chulapo costume was traditional in the Malasaña area, which is where it would end up becoming popular among all Madrilenians. The chotis was danced for the first time in 1850 at a celebration at the Royal Palace and the Madrilenians of the time would make it their own and incorporate it into the festivities.

What are we going to do in Galería Canalejas for San Isidro 2023?

Galería Canalejas is a true reference point for luxury, gastronomy and culture in Madrid. In San Isidro 2023 it joins the celebration to pay tribute to its surname "Madrid" and maintain its commitment to the city in which the elegant buildings that make up this space are located.

Between 12 and 15 May, the façade of Calle Alcalá will be dressed with thousands of red carnations, the quintessential symbol of the city and of the San Isidro festivities in Madrid. In addition, there will be several florists dressed in the typical chulapo costume handing out red, pink and white carnations to all those who pass through the area, in the same way that the famous "ramilletera" of the traditional song "Los Nardos" used to do. With the added bonus of discovering curiosities related to the colours of the carnations.

Don't miss the opportunity to enter the Food Hall, where the artist Manuel Antonio Domínguez, from Huelva, will be making live illustrations inspired by the San Isidro Festival and the city itself. The artist will capture the soul of the celebration through his drawings and will reflect on paper the most important moments of this event so beloved by the people of Madrid, so that you can take home a unique and very special souvenir.

You can also take the opportunity to eat at one of its restaurants. The Food Hall at Galería Canalejas offers a careful selection of 30 exclusive culinary experiences of different nationalities and specialities, including some Michelin-starred establishments.

Faithful to the tradition and know-how of Madrid's historic craftsmanship and its century-old shops, Galería Canalejas has become one of the most iconic places in the capital, largely thanks to its majestic architecture and its commitment to actively integrating and forming an active part of the city's life.

So, for the San Isidro 2023 festivities, Galería Canalejas once again demonstrates its love for Madrid and its culture, and its desire to enjoy them with all those who want to experience them in the heart of the city. Are you up for a different San Isidro?