Galería Canalejas

Nuria Mora's "Oceanica" Exhibition at Galería Canalejas

July, 13, 2023

In 2023, Madrid-based artist Nuria Mora immerses us in a wave of experiences with her installation "Oceánica" at Galería Canalejas. Inspired by the typical elements and sensations of the sea, the exhibition evokes the beauty and nostalgia of holidays on the coast.

The days are lived to the fullest and the nights are filled with magic and mystery. The season of sun and heat invites us to immerse ourselves in an ocean of experiences, where every moment is a gift and a memory to keep.

These sensations, so characteristic of the warm months, are what the Madrid artist Nuria Mora wanted to evoke with her installation created exclusively for Galería Canalejas: Oceánica.

The Work of Nuria Mora: Unique experience in the Heart of Madrid

From 12th July to 31st October, visitors to Galería Canalejas can explore a unique summer experience in the heart of Madrid. Upon crossing the doors of Plaza Canalejas, you'll be transported to the Costa de la Luz, the Pitiusas, and the Mariña Lucense. The installation evokes a familiar feeling of past holidays, but in a way never before experienced in the capital.

During the exhibition, visitors can appreciate the fascinating sculptural works of Nuria Mora. Created in glazed ceramic, the pieces represent abstractions of iconic summer symbols, creating a captivating walk through a world of harmony among colours, textures, and shapes.

With this exhibition, Galería Canalejas is taking advantage of its privileged location and its history to support contemporary art in one of the city's most important artistic hubs. In this way, it manages to perpetuate the cultural identity of the group of buildings on which it stands, enriching the history of Madrid and establishing itself as a cultural partner of tourism in the capital. In addition, it offers added value to the visitor, since the aesthetic experience has been acquiring an increasingly important role in the life of cities.

And the fact is that the contemplation of art has become an essential part of a more enriching shopping experience, as the artist states, "Spaces that are outside the typical artistic circuits are much more democratic, where there is a relationship with the work with fewer filters and interferences, more natural."

About Nuria Mora

Contemporary visual artist (Madrid, 1974) who works with geometry, forms and organic elements in public space. She began painting in the street at the end of the 1990s, always with her own language. Since then, Mora has maintained a close relationship between his work, the city and architecture which has evolved into an absolutely recognisable style, and which has led him to exhibit in some of the most important art centres in the world, such as the Tate Modern in London, the Archaeological Museum, the Joan Miró Foundation in Barcelona, the Place du Pilori space in Niort (France), the Pilar Foundation, Joan Miró in Mallorca and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Johannesburg, among others.

In the artist's own words about her exhibition at Galería Canalejas, "Oceánica talks about the sea and the summer, but it is also an intimate portrait".

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Juan Millás – Botanical installation: Inés Urquijo