Galería Canalejas

Where to eat in Madrid

March, 14, 2023

Looking for places to eat in Madrid? So, today we are going to share with you some of our favorite restaurants in the capital. Places that we always love to return to and that keep surprising our palate with their unique flavors.

Madrid is one of the liveliest cities in Spain with an endless list of plans to do. Apart from that, it’s one of the best places in the country to enjoy gastronomy, both national and international, with a wide variety of options spread throughout the city.

Today in particular, we want to talk about the gastronomic markets of Madrid. All of them with a magnificent value for money so that, in addition to tasting the best cuisine, you enjoy a unique experience.

What can you eat at the food market in Madrid?

In the same way that has happened in other large cities of the world, in recent years, food markets have become one of the most fashionable trends when eating in the center Madrid. The new social trends have brought new gastronomy trends.

The wide variety of ingredients and flavors that can be tasted in this type of restaurant allows you to discover a country through its cuisine. A way to travel without leaving home. And if you are spending a few days in the capital, it is a nice option to take into account when looking for places places to eat in Madrid.

The tendency has been shifting from the most serious and formal restaurants to different more informal and casual concepts, time saving and cheaper prices. This is how food markets became popular and turned into an essential stop within the tourist routes.

Unusual places to eat in the center of Madrid

The Canalejas Market in Madrid is, without a doubt, one of the most original places to eat in the center. A place where it is possible to enjoy a unique gastronomic experience with 13 restaurants from different countries, where you will find even recognized Michelin stars. An authentic culinary journey with the best Spanish, international and fusion specialties, which makes this place the new gastronomic hotspot of the capital.

St James Canalejas

The St. James restaurant stands out for its impressive menu with more than 30 types of rice for all tastes, being currently an authentic gastronomic icon of Madrid. More than half a decade making what for many are the best paellas in the city. A wide range of dry, mellow or brothy rice dishes that join the most outstanding recipes of Mediterranean cuisine, with a large selection of grilled fish and seafood from the Spanish coast.

Salvaje Canalejas

The Salvaje restaurant in Madrid allows visitors to enjoy the most transgressive facet of Japanese cuisine by the hand of Venezuelan chef Fermín Azkue, with a great experience in the best restaurants in Panama, and great European capitals. A cuisine that fuses the most millenary tradition and mysticism of this country with the most exotic flavors in the world to become a true international phenomenon.

Garelos Canalejas

The Garelos restaurant at Galerías Canalejas is a restaurant that was born in Betanzos (La Coruña) and that reinvents Galician cuisine, but without losing the essence of traditional recipes, learned by chef Antonio Couceiro through three generations dedicated to restoration.

The modernization of the typical Galician tavern, where visitors can enjoy the best selection of products and recipes from the region, as well as a wide variety of wines with Denomination of Origin Rías Baixas, Valdeorras and Ribeiro. You should definitely taste their specialties such as Betanzos omelette, octopus á feira or Galician beef croca.

Mad Gourmets

Mad Gourmets is a gastronomic space with more than 20 different places that stands out for its vibrant and dynamic atmosphere. With a proposal that goes beyond good gastronomy. An open and dynamic space where it is possible to enjoy numerous leisure proposals, such as live music, small concerts and other types of gastronomic events. The perfect ingredients for those who want to enjoy a wonderful experience discovering the most varied cuisine from the five continents.

In short, in these places you will find quality products and artisanal elaboration processes, completely away from fast food chains. A gourmet experience with certain touches of street style that many people are passionate about. Therefore, it is not strange that these establishments have enjoyed a great reception by foodies, who fill their facilities in search of different gastronomic experiences while enjoying music in good company.