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Image Credits: courtesy of ZEGNA

ZEGNA Launches and L'OASI DI LINO: Sustainable Fashion Revolution

8 March 2024

ZEGNA L'Oasi Di Lino, fusing fashion with sustainability and ethics. The collection stands out for its commitment to responsible practices, from the selection of fibres to the final design. Innovation and tradition come together in versatile and accessible garments, designed by Alessandro Sartori.

Fashion is constantly reinventing itself, not only in terms of styles and trends, but also in the search for more ethical and sustainable practices. In this way, ZEGNA positions itself at the forefront with L'Oasi Di Lino, a collection that transcends textile tradition to embrace a future of environmental responsibility and commitment to excellence.

Oasi Zegna's vision: commitment and sustainability

Oasi Zegna stands as a testament to the brand's commitment to excellence, beauty and, above all, responsible fashion. This new collection is the fruit of a deep respect for the environment, from the origin of its fibres to its ultimate form and function. Oasi Lino is not just fashion; it is a declaration of principles, a commitment to a more sustainable and conscious future.

Oasi Lino: a fusion of innovation and craftsmanship

Alessandro Sartori, the visionary behind Oasi Lino, has fused tradition with innovation. Linen, considered a symbol of lightness and versatility, becomes the backbone of a

collection that defies convention. ZEGNA's proposal breaks down barriers, offering pieces that adapt to any body and lifestyle, promoting a fluid and accessible fashion for everyone.

Image credits: courtesy of ZEGNA

A unique experience of fashion and sustainability

ZEGNA's Oasi Lino collection is more than a series of garments; it is an experience that invites us to reflect on the impact of fashion on our environment. With a colour palette inspired by nature and 100% traceable materials, each piece tells a story of respect, care and love for our planet. ZEGNA's initiative redefines luxury, while setting a new standard in the fashion industry towards more responsible practices.

Oasi Lino is a clear example of how fashion can lead the way towards a more sustainable and ethical future. ZEGNA invites everyone to be part of this revolution, demonstrating that it is possible to combine style, innovation and responsibility without compromising either.

Image credits: courtesy of ZEGNA

Discover Zegna's L'Oasi Di Lino collection and get a first-hand introduction to this journey towards responsible luxury.

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