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Tuna "Ronqueo" at St. James

Celebrates the tuna "ronqueo" at St. James

June, 15, 2023

June is synonymous with bluefin tuna, and there is no better place to celebrate it than at the emblematic St. James restaurant, located in the heart of Madrid, in the Food Hall Galería Canalejas.

Known for its long tradition and passion for haute cuisine, St. James offers an unforgettable experience: the live observation of the tuna "ronqueo", an ancient cutting technique that allows you to appreciate the unique flavour of this marine jewel.

The tuna "ronqueo", celebrated in St. James, is a tradition that has endured for centuries and forms an essential part of the city's rich gastronomic history. The bluefin tuna, nicknamed "red gold", is renowned for its delicacy and, during its season, is an undisputed delicacy on the menus of the city's most renowned restaurants.

The "ronqueo", a meticulous cutting process, allows different cuts to be obtained, each with its own character and flavour.

The exclusive tuna carving experience at St. James goes beyond simple observation. As the tuna is cut up, the restaurant's master chefs explain the particularities of each cut. In this way, the dishes become a kind of gastronomic narrative, enhancing the richness and flavour of the bluefin tuna. The versatility of this fish is evident in the restaurant's varied culinary proposals, from the softness of the ventresca (tuna belly) to the nobility of the loin.

In addition, throughout the month of June, diners can enjoy recipes specially created to celebrate the tuna season. The creations range from the innovation of "Oven-baked caramelised rice with ventresca crust", the freshness of the "Ventresca salad in semi-flake with tomato tartar, salicornia and cold pine nut soup", to more traditional and comforting dishes such as the "Marmitako marinero de tarantelo a la plancha, homemade gnocchi and its spicy soup". Each dish is a tribute to bluefin tuna and its unique flavour.

Discover the St. James Restaurant in the Food Hall of Galería Canalejas

St. James, with over 50 years of history, is synonymous with culinary excellence. Its dedication and commitment to fresh, high quality ingredients, as well as its mastery in the kitchen, place it as one of the most outstanding dining destinations in Madrid. The St. James' tuna ronqueo celebration is a further demonstration of this commitment to tradition and excellence.

There is no doubt, the tuna ronqueo experience at St. James is a unique occasion to appreciate the majesty of the bluefin tuna in all its splendour. A tradition that invites you to immerse yourself in the passion and excellence of seafood cuisine and highlights bluefin tuna as an exceptional delicacy, worthy of the most discerning palates.

For gastronomy lovers, the experience of tuna ronqueo is an event not to be missed. So don't miss this unique opportunity and book your table at St. James's to experience the fascinating bluefin tuna season and the tuna grilling experience.