Galería Canalejas

Perfume Matiére Premiere, Eau de parfum Neroli Oranger, ISOLÉE

Spring scents at Galería Canalejas Beauty Gallery by ISOLÉE

March, 27, 2023

At Galería Canalejas, discover the latest trends in beauty, makeup, and signature perfume for this spring season. Woody, citrus and floral fragrances. With more than 250 different varieties of roses from Provence. A veritable explosion of aromas for a more vibrant and inspiring spring!

Spring has begun and with it, floral and fruit aromas are in the air. The sweet and spicy aromas of winter are making way for fresher and lighter fragrances. It's time to change perfume and try a new one that is capable of expressing your personality.

At GALERÍA CANALEJAS BEAUTY GALLERY by ISOLÉE you will find the newest trends for this spring-summer 2023. It is a season that is full of surprises with fragrances that are reinvented and accompany the classic perfumes such as the Neroli Oranger by Matière Première, the Extrait de Parfum en Paragon by Initio or the À la Rose by Maison Francis Kurkdjian. Would you like to find out what the newest fragrances are this year?

Perfume Initio, extrait de parfum en Paragon, ISOLÉE

Sandalwood fragrances

Among the woody and oriental fragrances, sandalwood will be the star ingredient this season, giving those who wear it feelings of positivity, confidence and freedom. An aroma obtained from the distillation of the wood from this tree of Indian origin, allows exotic perfumes to be created with a warm and sensual soul that is sweet with spicy undertones.

Tea fragrances

Tea fragrances, which were previously a trend in the 90s, are making a strong comeback for both eau de colognes and intense perfumes. They present fresh and harmonious fragrances that stand out for the clean scent of white tea, the aroma of green tea and the intensity of black tea.

Clean smelling fragrances

Clean smelling fragrances were already trending in 2022 and they will continue to be among the most sought after in 2023. These fragrances stand out for their light and subtle aromas, with ingredients such as aldehydes (soap). Citrus, aquatic and powdery aromas will be the options most in demand. They are fragrances that highlight the fresh and radiant facets of the wearer.

Flashback fragrances

These are one of the most surprising spring fragrances this season. Their aromas are evocative of the past and transport us to situations and places in our childhood that we recall with happy memories, reminding us of our mothers and grandmothers, that first leather jacket or the smell of the fireplace.

Vanilla fragrances

Although vanilla fragrances never completely left us, the nineties trend of vanilla notes is making a strong comeback this 2023, delighting us with sensual perfumes and a halo of mystery. As it is one of the main ingredients of the most soft and discreet oriental perfumes, its warm and embracing touches are a real delight for the senses.

Perfume Matiére Premiere, Eau de parfum Neroli Oranger

The makeup of the 21st century. Customisable and eco-friendly.

Their formulas are natural. Their cases are rechargeable and recyclable. They are unique and customisable objects. They are vegan and handmade. These are some of the keys to the success of La Bouche Rouge. The French fashion house specialises in offering its customers unique objects with their initials so that they can be preserved for a lifetime. Among their extensive makeup collections, they also have refillable and reusable lipstick cases made of leather with remnants of the productions of Tanneries du Puy, the supplier of Parisian luxury brands. 

In Spain, this exclusive personalised service is only available in Galería Canalejas. The customisation is very simple: all you have to do is choose the tone of the lipstick and the colour of the case, and then decide on the initials, either for you or for someone you are going to give as a present. After that, simply enjoy it!

Perfume Maison Francis Kurkdjian, Á la Rose; Barra de labios La Bouge Rouge, ISOLÉE

Start spring with great enthusiasm by marking a day in your calendar to come shopping at Galería Canalejas so you can add to your dressing table some of these new spring fragrances which you most identify yourself.

GALERÍA CANALEJAS BEAUTY GALLERY by ISOLÉE and the rest of our boutiques are open Monday to Saturday from 10.30 to 20.30 and on Sundays and public holidays from 12.00 to 20.00. We can’t wait to see you at Plaza de Canalejas, 1!