Galería Canalejas

Le Petit Dim Sum


November, 8, 2022

As we move into a new season and the cold weather draws in, there is nothing like grabbing a bowl of hot stew in both hands to warm up your body and instantly feel better. You can find all the classics from Castilian, Galician, Italian and Chinese cuisine in the Food Hall to combat the falling temperatures outside.

At 19.86 by Rubén Arnanz, the restaurant of award-winning chef Rubén Arnanz where he brings sensational Castilian cooking to the people, they are offering a cream of celery soup for these most wintry of days. Made from finely chopped celery, cooked in cream and served with cheese, this is an absolutely delicious dish.

Sticking with Spanish national gastronomy for now, Garelos is the restaurant in the Food Hall at Galería Canalejas that brings Galician tradition to the heart of Madrid with a touch of the avant-garde. On offer to warm up its diners here this season is the famous Caldo Gallego, or Galician Broth, a classic that always goes down well.

So, what do the more international venues at the Galería Canalejas Food Hall have to offer? On the one hand, the Italian Davvero is cooking up its delicious Zuppetta Amalfitana: a bowl of mussels and clams in a datterino tomato sauce with home-made croutons and a touch of lemon. Absolutely scrumptious!

19.86 by Rubén Arnanz

Meanwhile, the restaurant considered to be the Asian master in the capital - Le Petit Dim Sum - will be offering its classic speciality (dim sum) alongside its Classic Hot and Sour Soup with Shiitake Mushrooms. A tasty way to bring the flavour of Cantonese tradition to the palate of everyone wanting to be seen around the centre of Madrid this autumn.

If you feel like coming in from the cold, the cosy Galería Canalejas Food Hall and the warmth of its amazing dishes will be waiting for you every day at Calle Alcalá 12.