Galería Canalejas


1. Le Petit Dim Sum 2. Salvaje


October, 7, 2022

Even though it seems to make us wait a bit longer every year, autumn can now be felt in the capital. Some people are already wearing coats as they walk along Gran Vía, the trees in Retiro Park are starting to lose their leaves and dishes prepared using autumnal ingredients can now be enjoyed at the Galería Canalejas Food Hall.

The arrival of autumn means a return to hunting season, truffles and mushrooms. Such specific flavours make this perhaps one of the most special of gastronomy seasons and the 13 restaurants in the Galería Canalejas Food Hall are offering their own individual variations on the theme.

Salvaje, one of the most exotic options, is offering its Truffled Mushroom Dumplings made from maitake mushrooms, beef stock demi-glace and truffled cream. Le Petit Dim Sum, the masters of Cantonese cuisine, has options that include Fen gwo - sticky rice, boletus mushrooms, shitake mushrooms, wood-ear mushrooms, smoked tofu, bamboo and black truffle; its Iberian pork and boletus mushroom Siu mai; the Han Siu Gok - its soufflé rice fritter with prawns, Iberian pork and mushrooms; and the Spanish omelette Siu mai topped with truffled quail egg.

If you prefer the specialities from the 21 spaces at MAD Gourmets, you really should visit Mozzarella Bar for its Ravioli al Funghi Di Bosco Trifolati with Parmigiano Reggiano and the Tapa de Mozzarella de Búfala with Prosciutto Cotto Tartufato in Acacia honey. Other essential venues in the coolest gastro-market at Galería Canalejas include Pintxos Factory and Carmela, which are also highlighting a number of dishes adapted to suit the autumn months. 

Are you a fan of Italian cuisine? Davvero awaits with its Mortadella di Bologna Tartufata and its pizza with seasonal ingredients, among other delights.

1. MAD Gourmets, Grazie Mille Mozzarella Bar

If a great paella is what floats your boat, then the rice dish experts at St. James in the Galería Canalejas Food Hall have their traditional Valencian paella with chicken, rabbit, butter beans, green beans and snails, as well as their creamy rice with boletus mushrooms and foie or the Bresse pigeon and wild asparagus on a bed of rice.

There are few things better than a plate of hot food when the weather starts getting cooler and... where better to enjoy it than at the Galería Canalejas Food Hall?

Come in out of the cold and enjoy the best autumnal culinary ideas at Calle Alcalá, 12, every day of the week.


1. Le Petit Dim Sum 2. MAD Gourmets, Grazie Mille Mozzarella Bar