Galería Canalejas


January, 9, 2022

Impromptu dates? Plans organised in advance? Unexpected meetings?

At the Galería Canalejas Food Hall, you will find 13 restaurants of different nationalities offering different specialities to choose from for a unique gastronomy experience in the capital.

A romantic date, a dinner with friends, afternoon sweets and cakes with the kids or the simple yet wonderful pleasure of dedicating a perfect evening to yourself.

The culinary journey at the Galería Canalejas Food Hall begins with discovering the treasures of Spanish gastronomy at the DBellota restaurant, which has partnered with Cinco Jotas for the first time and exclusively for Galería Canalejas for its cured hams and meats.

At St. James, with a history of more than 50 years preparing what many believe are undeniably the best paellas in Madrid, you will discover an extensive menu of over 30 types of rice dishes, including in broth, dry and sweet versions, as well as the most outstanding recipes from Mediterranean gastronomy.

At Garelos, originally from Betanzos, you will enjoy authentic traditional recipes from Galicia made using the best selection of produce from that northern region of Spain, as well as a wide variety of Rías Baixas, Ribeiro or Valdeorras wines.

The traditional El Goloso bakery has travelled beyond the borders of its native La Mancha to satisfy the sweet tooth of visitors to this new gastronomy hotspot in the city with its hand-made desserts.

Rubén Arnanz, one of the youngest Spanish chefs to earn a Michelin star, brings the essence of new Castilian cuisine to Madrid at 19.86 by Rubén Arnanz. This dynamic and cosmopolitan boutique restaurant is where his haute cuisine recipes stimulate all the senses.

The journey continues to Italy through Davvero for a tribute to Italian tradition, where fresh pasta fatta in casa is made for iconic dishes from Italian cuisine and a piccolo mercato offers the best products from “the boot” of the Mediterranean.

Also from Italy is the Amorino ice-cream parlour with its offer of authentic Italian gelato made from 100% natural ingredients, as well as numerous other sweet options on its waffle, crêpe, macaron ice-cream and cake menu.

From France, Daniel Sorlut brings oysters selected by the best chefs in the world and the excellence of almost 100 years of experience in the growing, breeding and distribution of different types of oysters.

The renowned chef, Julián Mármol, with his Michelin star and fusion cooking expertise, is opening two new restaurants at the Galería Canalejas Food Hall: Monchis, a surprising crossroads between Mexican recipes and Japanese philosophy; and The Eight, where the chef redefines such classic formats as the hamburger and sandwich with a main focus on grilled food.

The wildest side of Japanese gastronomy arrives with Salvaje, where Japanese culinary tradition combines with flavours and techniques from every corner of the world.

Meanwhile, at Le Petit Dim Sum, the new concept from the China Crown group opens its doors within this gastronomy space to bring age-old Chinese cuisine to the heart of Madrid through its traditional dim sums.

At MAD Gourmets, a multigastronomic and dynamic food venue, you will find all the latest gastro trends from around the world at 20 different speciality outlets alongside a constant entertainment offer that includes live music and showcooking events

These 13 restaurants with widely diverse specialities transform the Galería Canalejas Food Hall into a unique gastronomic experience in Madrid.

Discover the grand opening campaign for the new place to eat in the capital.

Galería Canalejas Food Hall

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Special thanks to: Amorino, Davvero, DBellota, St.James, Monchis

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